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Professor Says Obama Presidency Only Increased Racism

27th June 2017

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Fairfield University communications professor Audra Nuru says the presidency of Barack Obama only fueled racism in America.

Nuru told the annual diversity and equity conference of the Association of Jesuit Colleges this month that Obama made racist attacks more possible because he was black and because he was subject to criticism, The College Fix reports.

“I’m not saying by any means that Barack Obama incited racism. I’m saying that him being in office, people who were already racist got a platform to address this publicly and reify it,” Nuru said.

The way to stop discrimination by race is to stop discriminating by race. BlackLivesMatter has triggered more racism than the KKK ever dreamed of.

One Response to “Professor Says Obama Presidency Only Increased Racism”

  1. Elganned Says:

    When BlackLivesMatter starts lynching white folks, you may have some support for your statement.
    Until then, you’re just attempting a false equivalency.
    Not to mention blowing smoke out of your ass.