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Chicanos Like Living on Their Tragic Dirt

20th June 2017

Steve Sailer turns over a rock.

As we all know, blacks and Mexicans have low test scores because wherever they happen to live, such as in convenient inner city locations, has tragic dirt. Progressive whites want them to move to the magic dirt of the suburbs, so they can get high test scores, and the progressive whites will then nobly move into these inner city hellholes where they can walk to work downtown. (How the blacks and Mexicans will get to their jobs from their new locations in remotes suburbs is one of those questions that never quite occurs to Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing supporters.)

Boyle Heights is a crummy but not too crummy Mexican neighborhood just east of booming Downtown Los Angeles. Not surprisingly a lot of white people are thinking of moving in. Not surprisingly, lots of Mexican activists are ginning up campaigns of racial hatred against white gentrifiers.

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