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NY Daily News Writer Goes Nuts Over Scalise Shooting, Blames White People for It

16th June 2017

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In the wake of the shooting of Congressman Steve Scalise on Wednesday, many liberal journalists and celebrities on Twitter and other social media sites began exploiting the tragedy, lobbying for gun control or bashing Republicans. But, New York Daily News commentator Shaun King chose specifically to blame white people for the incident. Embarking on a Twitter tirade he tweeted out the following,“Instead of white people, in general, taking the heat for James Hodgkinson, he is almost instantly being called a liberal radical.”

Maybe because he was. Bernie Sanders supporter, hates Trump, shoots Republicans — yeah, that says ‘liberal radical’ to me.

King gained worldwide notoriety back in 2015 when, as a Black Lives Matter activist, he was revealed to be white despite having previously identified himself as black.

He sure sounds black.

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