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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

23rd June 2017

US airstrike kills al-Qaida commander, 2 others, in Yemen

FBI Nabs Would-Be ISIS Terrorist In Sting Operation

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dead: ‘Highly likely’ Isis leader killed in airstrike, Russian foreign ministry claims

Afghanistan car bomb: At least 26 killed and 50 wounded following explosion in Lashkar Gah

ISIS-Linked Militants Storm Filipino School, Take Hostages

Book Review of Ibn Warraq: The Islam in Islamic Terrorism

Half Of Muslim Minors In Austria Hold Anti-Semitic Views, According To New Poll  My, what a surprise.

ISIS Warns Russia: You’re Next

Isis blows up famous Grand al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul, where caliphate was declared

Death of Isis’ chief cleric in US air strike throws group into crisis

In Detroit: “Allahu Akhbar” and Then a Knife to the Neck

Belgian Officials: Failed Brussels Bomber Hailed From Jihadi Capital Of Europe

These Moms Are Taking Up Guns To Fight The Taliban And ISIS

BBC Targets Kids with False ‘Islam Means Peace’ Claim  It’s all about the Narrative.

Brussels explosion: Prosecutors say major terror attack at station averted after bomb packed with nails fails

Nineteen arrested in India after celebrating Pakistan’s victory in the Champions Trophy final

Isis-linked militants storm school and take hostages in Philippines

Man tasered after ‘attacking people with shoe horn’ at London mosque

“Allahu Akhbar” and then BOOM! In Brussels — Again

Brussels explosion: Suspected suicide bomber shot dead after blast at Central Station

The Department of Justice is Privileging Mosques

US confirms killing of top Islamic State group cleric

Taliban kill 8 Afghan guards working at US base

Brussels explosion: Man ‘neutralised’ by Belgian police after blast in Central Station

Iran Missile Strike Escalates War Between Radical Shi’ites and Sunnis  Good. Let them kill each other off.

Pakistan Builds Its Own Version Of A Border Wall

US-Led Forces Obliterate ISIS’ Chief Cleric In Airstrike

Who Are ‘The Renouncers’? A Splinter Group That Could Be The Taliban’s Worst Nightmare

America Must Confront Pakistan’s Support of Afghan-Based Terrorism

Saudi air strikes kill at least 25 in attack on Yemen market

Finsbury Park mosque attack: Isis calls on supporters to take revenge in wake of latest London terror atrocity

Van driver killed in crash at tree trunk road block set up by Calais refugees

Al-Qaeda claims responsibility for terror attack that killed at least five people at luxury resort in Mali

Inside the Afghan School Where Girls Can Dress Like Girls

Will the Saudi-Qatar Spat Escalate Friction Between America and Iran?

Finsbury Park mosque attack: Suspect Darren Osborne, 47, previously unknown to security services  Unlike Muslim terrorists, who are usually ‘well known to security services.’

Champs-Élysées incident: Attacker dies after ramming police van with car ‘carrying explosive device and guns’

Military Demands Tougher Immigration Controls As Terrorists Ravage Filipino City

The Myth of the Extremist

Saudi Navy Captures Elite Iranian Troops On Seized Boat

Poland Refuses To Accept Any Refugees Without Clear Vetting Process

Muslim Brotherhood Affiliate Claims Responsibility for Cairo Attack

Champs-Elysees Evacuated After Car Filled With Explosives Rams Police Van

Iran’s Missile Strike On ISIS Was Coordinated With Assad, Went Through Iraqi Airspace

The Rise of Katibat Dir’ al-Watan: A Journey to the Lebanon-Syria Border Areas

Nabra Hassanen: 17-year-old Muslim girl abducted and killed on way home from Virginia mosque

Iran bans Zumba classes for being ‘un-Islamic’

Finsbury Park Mosque: Police confirm all victims of suspected terror attack are Muslim

Tarek Fatah: This is an Ideological War

Mali attack: Westerners once again the target of Islamist terrorists

Soft Sharia in Turkey

Iran Launches Ballistic Missiles At ISIS In Retaliation For Tehran Attack

The Last ISIS Attack Was Unprecedented, But Only Because It Wasn’t Really ISIS

Mali attack: Security forces battle gunmen at Le Campement resort near Bamako

Q&A: Taliban infiltrate Afghan army to target foreign troops

Coalition Forces Make Final Push To Crush ISIS Forces In Mosul

Iraqi troops move into Mosul’s Old City, last ISIS stronghold

Islamic State threat in Southeast Asia raises alarm in Washington

Germany Says 100 Million African Refugees Could Head North

Taliban Burst Into Afghan Police Headquarters, Kill Five Policemen

Muslims lending Christians hijabs to help them escape Isis in disguise

Taliban storm Afghan police compound, kill 5 police

Afghanistan shooting: Seven US soldiers injured and one Afghan killed at Mazar-e Sharif camp

Why the Middle East Needs the Qatar Crisis

In Cologne, a Dozen-Muslim March Against Terror

Taliban: Insider Attack On US Forces A ‘Reminder’ That More Troops Won’t Stop Them

Iraqi forces capture border crossing to Syria from ISIS

Mujahideen “Refugees” Arrested in Hamburg

Palestinian Terrorists Reject ISIS Claim On Jerusalem Police Attack

Russia claims it has killed two more Isis commanders in Syria air strikes

Israeli police deny Isis claim of responsibility for Jerusalem stabbing

Afghan Official: Afghan security forces recaptured Tora Bora

Another insider attack in Afghanistan leaves 7 Americans wounded

Four US Soldiers Wounded In Apparent Afghan Insider Attack

Danish post office suspends deliveries to immigration hotspot, drivers too scared to go there

ISIS Claims First Coordinated Attack In Jerusalem With One Police Officer Dead

‘Liberal’ mosque where burqas are banned opens in Germany

Death of Isis leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi could see jihadis’ resistance crumble

Cologne rally: As many as 10,000 Muslims to protest Islamic extremism

Boko Haram Back in the News: Two Abducted Girls Graduate from American High School

Islamic Extremist Numbers Swell To Thousands In Sweden

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi dead: Russia says it may have killed Isis leader in Raqqa air strike

Kabul explosion: Suicide bomber strikes outside Shia mosque in Afghan capital

Somalia restaurant siege: Al-Shabaab militants massacre 31 civilians in Mogadishu

Jihadi Arrests Almost Double In Two Years In Europe

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