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Columbus Police Contradict ‘Hate Crime’ Story Spread by Linda Sarsour, Shaun King

7th June 2017

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Another ‘hate crime’ hoax? But that trick never works….

A viral “hate crime” story spread by left-wing figures Linda Sarsour and Shaun King is now unraveling.

Rahma Warsame, a Somali Muslim resident of Columbus, Ohio, claimed to be brutally beaten by a white man in a hate crime attack. Warsame reportedly said that her attacker told her, “you all will be shipped back to Africa.”

However, The Daily Caller reported Monday that key parts of Warsame’s story may not be correct and that the man who allegedly hit her did it to defend a friend who was being tased and brutally beaten by a mob that Warsame may have been part of herself. He also denies ever saying anything racist to her.

Columbus police have now reportedly said there was no evidence to make arrests or warrant a hate crime investigation.

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