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Alt-Left Insanity: Don’t Blame Muslims for Terror Done By … Muslims

2nd June 2017

Read it.

By all rights, this should be the climate change/Kathy Griffin/Scott Pelley/covfefe edition. Those are just the big stories that broke in the last 48 hours. The news cycle is just as insane as the news media covering it.

Trump has ditched the Paris climate non-treaty (never approved by the Senate). Nearly talentless comedian Kathy Griffin has dropped from the D List so far that she’s nearly caught me in F+ celebrity land and even lefty CNN dropped her. (After Squatty Potty!) CBS cut anti-Trump anchor Scott Pelley from its evening news and sent him into 60 Minutes exile. And the media went nuts over another Trump tweet — obsessing over a typo.

And on a day of a huge victory for Trump by exiting the Paris Climate Accords, thrilling conservatives (even ones who opposed him), Alternet pretends Trump support is weakening. “Could Donald Trump’s Base Finally Be Turning on the President?” it asked.

Nope. But it shows how out of touch the alt-lefty media has become.

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