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Students Furious Over Release of Video Depicting Them Going Berserk at College

29th May 2017

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Students at Evergreen State College are furious that a video documenting their anarchic behavior has been made public, The College Fix reports.

The footage shows students going berserk, swearing like your mother never heard and screaming about “racist white teachers,” “white-assed administrators,” and the obligatory “black power” slogans during what was supposed to be a “meeting” between the malcontent students, college president George Bridges and other college administrators.

My, my, my. If I were a college admissions officer, I would scrutinize every applicants CV for any trace of ‘activism’, and (if I found some) would deny them admission. ‘We’re trying to create a safe space for our students here, and you’re a self-proclaimed troublemaker.’

Activists are not pleased that the embarrassing video can now be seen by the world on the internet, and they they are demanding that the “stolen” document be “taken down” by this Friday.

Apparently they’re not clear on what ‘stolen’ means. (Well, they’re obviously clueless about what ‘property’ means, so it stands to reason they are clueless about property-related crime. Just watch them during a riot.)

“We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday.”

Stolen … by whom? If they know that it was stolen by ‘white supremacists’, then obviously they could give us names … right?

The video contains many memorable moments of the students’ interacting with their school administrators. They shout “fuck you, and fuck the police” repeatedly while maintaining that “whiteness is the most violent fuckin’ system to ever breathe!” Attempting a philosophical bridge, the students say they are “tired of white people talking about what black and brown people need” before getting to their real point: “Fuck you George [Bridges]; we don’t wanna listen to a goddamn thing you have to say! No, you shut the fuck up.”

Funny how, with all of this ‘violent whiteness’ going around, these people are still reasonably healthy. One would think that the first priority of ‘violent whiteness’ would be to snuff these people out like a bug. But I guess not. That’s ‘whiteness’ for you, can’t even do ‘violent’ right.

Professor Bret Weinstein, who had already experienced the students’ antics in his classroom, recently told Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that the latest student uprising was “far crazier” than what had come before.

That’s a true statement. I’d go into another line of work. Life is to short to deal with crazy people.

2 Responses to “Students Furious Over Release of Video Depicting Them Going Berserk at College”

  1. RealRick Says:

    The problem with Olympia is that they have the communism, but not the Putin to keep things under control.

  2. bluebird of bitterness Says:

    Their mommies and daddies must be so proud.