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How to Run a Drug Cartel

19th May 2017

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In an illicit industry, recruiting low-skilled workers is challenging because the jobs require discipline and a high level of trust. Prisons in Latin America have made drug traffickers’ lives easier, since these have turned into virtual business schools, where the most experienced people in the business are put in touch with those interested in illegal activities. This is also where gangs gain strength, among other ways by requiring their members to get conspicuous tattoos to reduce the dangerous possibility of them leaving the organization.

That’s why prisons ought to be arranged to keep prisoners in isolation from each other, bleeding hearts to the contrary notwithstanding. ‘But but but … that would be cruel!’ Yeah, that’s why they call it ‘punishment’. Feel free to consult a dictionary.

There also ought to be a program to arrest on sight people with gang tattoos. ‘But but but … that’s profiling!’ Yup. The reason profiling works is because it’s scientific — people with gang tattoos are telling you that they’re in gangs. The least we can do is take them at their word.

These problems have solutions.

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