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George Soros Still Quietly Buying District Attorneys’ Seats

19th May 2017

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George Soros has all but bought another district attorney’s seat.

The left-wing billionaire turned the Philadelphia district attorney’s race on its head by giving $1.45 million to fund a super PAC in support of his preferred candidate, Larry Krasner. Krasner, a progressive lawyer who has never worked as a prosecutor, sailed to an easy victory in the Democratic primary on Tuesday. Because Philadelphia is a Democratic stronghold, Krasner’s primary victory all but guarantees him to win the general election in November.

Democrats, best politicians money can buy.

2 Responses to “George Soros Still Quietly Buying District Attorneys’ Seats”

  1. Elganned Says:

    What–Sheldon Adelson couldn’t make the fund-raiser?
    Oh, yeah, that’s right…he’s too busy buying congressmen to bother with buying prosecutors.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Really? What Congressmen does he own? Since you obviously know, share it with us, please.