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Jury Clears Tulsa Cop In Fatal Shooting, Protests Erupt

18th May 2017

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A jury acquitted a white Tulsa police officer of manslaughter charges Wednesday night in her 2016 fatal shooting of a black man.

The twelve jurors, nine white people and three black people, declared that Officer Betty Shelby was not guilty of first degree manslaughter charges in shooting Terence Crutcher, reports CNN.

I guess the three black people were actually white people in a Clever Plastic Disguise. Or maybe they were doing a reverse Rachel Dolezal and ‘identifying’ as white. Because we all know that when a black guy is shot he Has To Be an innocent victim of pervasive white privilege, so we Must Look Elsewhere for the Real Story.

Some protesters also gathered outside Shelby’s hotel, chanting “Bring her out!” “Bring her out!”

Again, these must be white people disguised as black people, since Everybody Knows that Only White People Form Lynch Mobs.

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