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Blame the Victims

15th May 2017

Steve Sailer fisks the New York Times.

Ta-Nehisi Coates refers to the white exodus as a “triumph of racist social engineering,” and he is not wrong. Many white households moved to suburban towns precisely because black households were effectively excluded from them by real estate agents and mortgage brokers.

In the case of my liberal inlaws on the West Side of Chicago in 1968-1970, the culprits who ruined their dream of integration and finally drove them out were the black criminals who committed three felonies against their children.

To complicate the picture, few of them left personal accounts,

Uh, actually, lots and lots of the victims of black crime would love to tell you exactly what happened, but academia and the media haven’t been interested in hearing them.

and they may not have been able to articulate exactly why they moved. We are left reconstructing the pieces through careful detective work. In my own work, I have found that Poirot is often right: Each suspect wielded his own knife.

Of course, the word “crime” doesn’t appear in this op-ed.

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