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Middlebury Becomes Muddlebury

13th May 2017

Read it.

Now comes word out of Middlebury College about the punishment to be meted out to the students who violently assaulted Charles Murray and sent Middlebury professor Alison Stanger to the hospital with whiplash and a concussion.  According to John Leo at Minding the Campus, the offending student are . . . going to have a letter of reprimand placed in their file. A temporary letter at that, as the letter will be removed if the student commits no further infractions before the end of the school year. No wonder Middlebury tried to keep the details of their “punishment” secret.

One of the chief facilitators of the Nazi rise to power in Germany during the 1930s was the reluctance on the part of authorities to punish lawbreakers with whose political opinions they had sympathy.

If you’re looking for the New Hitlers, look to the ‘woke’ fringe; that’s where you’ll find them.

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