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“The Census and Right-Wing Hysteria”

12th May 2017

Steve Sailer fisks yet another anti-white New York Times screed.

Since 1969, the government and the culture hand out affirmative action money and prizes to people who claim to be Diverse, so self-interested persons of mixed descent tend to push hard on claims to the most rewarded identities.

Not surprisingly, groups that were officially classified as white have been demanding to have the government count them as nonwhite. South Asians got themselves moved from Caucasian to Oriental/Asian in 1982 to make them eligible for minority business development privileges from the government. Arabs have been trying to get themselves declared nonwhite for the 2020 Census. No blue-blooded Conquistador-American group has ever offered to give up their legal minority status just because they take pride in their whiteness.

What goes around comes around.

Politically, things are a little more complicated, however. The basic Democratic strategy is to use immigration to inflate the Coalition of the Fringes and keep them united by focusing hate toward Evil CisHet White Males. The Republicans will be stuck being the White Party in an age when the media demonizes whites (e.g., with constant reporting of hate hoaxes as genuine hate crimes).

But, there is some possibility that blacks will still manage to drive off some Asians and Hispanics from the Democratic Party via bad behavior, megalomania, and feelings of entitlement. The Democrats paid the price in 2016 as blacks couldn’t be bothered to come out in large numbers to vote for a nonblack.

The problem with Identity Politics is that you have to have the identity before you profit from the politics. Would crazy bag lady Maxine Waters even have a job if she weren’t so vociferously black? I think not.

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