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‘Democrat’ Is a Mental Disorder

8th May 2017

This Website Will Mail Your Ashes To The GOP If Trumpcare Kills You. Really.

Makes you wonder how all these people avoided dying before Obamacare. I never noticed that all these Victim Groups were dying like flies before Obama took office. I guess I must have missed all the bodies piling up in the streets.

One Response to “‘Democrat’ Is a Mental Disorder”

  1. Elganned Says:

    The hand-wringing over Trumpcare is misplaced, as is the comparisons between President Orange and Hitler.

    People won’t die because of lack of health care. They will, however, be bankrupted. And the rest of the country will be saddled with soaring costs as people who can’t afford care will start flooding back to emergency rooms. I wouldn’t doubt that some hospitals (maybe many hospitals, if various predictions bear up) will close, in mostly rural areas. Of course, the fat Goldman Sachs bankers in New York City don’t care about that. Neither, apparently, do you.

    You didn’t notice the bodies piling up in the street because you were too busy memorizing your Conservative Talking Points. Hope you got an A on the exam.