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Fresno State Professor Who Said ‘Trump Must Hang’ Apologizes Profusely, Flees Fresno

15th April 2017

Read it.

The history professor at California State University, Fresno who appeared to advocate for the death of President Donald Trump on Twitter has apologized profusely and taken a temporary leave of absence in an undisclosed location because he now fears for his personal safety.

(to the tune of “Maria” from West Side Story) Pro-jec-tion … you’ve got a disease called pro-jec-tion….

Maischak says he now deeply regrets composing and publishing the tweets.

Being scared shitless will do that to you.

“I ask forgiveness of those who felt threatened or offended by them,” Maischak wrote in a statement obtained by the Los Angeles Times. “It was never my intent to harm anyone, nor to encourage others to harm anyone.”

Calling for someone to be hanged – no, that’s not ‘to encourage others to harm anyone’. This guy needs to go back to school.

“I never expected them to be read by anyone but a close circle of acquaintances who would know to place them in their context,” Maischak also said in the Wednesday statement.

The context being a pathological hatred of people who don’t agree with him, and the close circle of acquaintances being like-minded sociopaths.

Maischak lamented that he has received a “flood of threats and hate-mail” for tweeting that the president and various racists should be murdered.

Welcome to our world, snowflake.

Fresno State University president Joseph Castro told the Times he welcomes “Maischak’s willingness to take accountability for the statements made on his Twitter account.” Mostly, Castro said, he wants to keep students safe.

Of course, if he had said that about Obama, he would immediately have been fired and a violent mob of ugly people would have surrounded his house. Note that President Castro (Freudian slip) is concerned for the students, not for the President.

Maischak, who holds a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University, is teaching five sections of U.S. history this semester.

God help those poor kids.

One Response to “Fresno State Professor Who Said ‘Trump Must Hang’ Apologizes Profusely, Flees Fresno”

  1. bluebird of bitterness Says:

    Sheesh. I had some lousy history teachers in my day, but none like that schmuck.