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Portland Resistance Radicals Trying to Disrupt an Anti-Immigration Speaker Thwarted by Lewis & Clark Students

12th April 2017

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Protests broke out at the International Affairs Symposium at Portland’s Lewis & Clark College Tuesday when radicals outside, frustrated at being stymied, started pounding on the door of a debate on immigration, as if trying to break in. But the true hero of the event was a black Muslim student from Sudan, a country included in Trump’s travel ban, who heroically grabbed the bullhorn from one of the screaming yahoos and lambasted them for disrupting the event.

He told them that because of them, the event ended abruptly, robbing him of an opportunity to ask his question. He pointed out that if they want change and reform, they are going about it the wrong way if they won’t even let people talk—showing that, ironically, a foreigner, has a better grasp of free speech, tolerance, pluralism, and open dialogue than the protesters speaking on his behalf.

The brownshirts of the Left are on the march. Yet Trump is the New Hitler.

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