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How Obamacare Affects Congressional Families (It Doesn’t; They’re Exempt)

11th April 2017

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Well, you can imagine the conniptions on Capitol Hill when it was realized that the political class wasn’t exempt from such terrible health coverage. Faced with the howls of congressional staffers on both sides of the aisle, even the most ardent Obamacare supporters raised their hands in supplication and cried: “Please protect us from the monster we created!”

And, lo and behold, the White House heard their pleas and, in clear defiance of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, announced in 2013 a special bailout for members of Congress and their staff. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) allowed members of Congress to get healthcare through the D.C. Small Business Exchange, normally limited to businesses with less than 50 employees (combined, there are 535 Congressmen and Senators). The requirement to go through Obamacare magically disappeared.

The Crust take care of their own.

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