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The Syrian Air Base Attack

7th April 2017

Scott Adams looks at the Master Persuader in action.

As I blogged yesterday, the claim that Assad ordered a chemical attack on his own people in the past week doesn’t pass my sniff test. For Assad to order a gas attack now – while his side is finally winning – he would have to be willing to risk his life and his regime for no real military advantage. I’m not buying that.

On the risk side of the equation, we have the possibility of getting into war with Russia. I’d put those odds at roughly zero in this case because obviously the U.S. warned Russia about the attack. That means we knew their reaction before we attacked. And it was a measured response of the type Putin probably respects. I expect Russia to complain a lot but continue to partner with the U.S. against ISIS.

If it turns out that the sarin gas attack that sparked this military action didn’t come from Assad, it doesn’t much matter. President Trump will bank all of the benefits above even if the attack turns out to be a hoax. We know Assad had some chemical weapons at one point, and probably used them. No one will be crying for Assad if the attack was unnecessary. And realistically, the public will never be 100% sure who was behind the attack.

One Response to “The Syrian Air Base Attack”

  1. Elganned Says:

    Seems the Republicans can’t win the presidency lately without going to war–King George I in Iraq, King George II in Afghanistan and Iraq, and now President Tripe trying to pick a fight with Russia.
    I’m still not convinced that Donald and Vlad didn’t cook this up to raise The Tripe’s popularity numbers. Not exactly the burning of the Reichstag, but it’s a start.