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Fake Hate: Guess Who Made ‘Hundreds’ of Hoax Calls Targeting U.S. Jews?

7th April 2017

The Other McCain in on the case.

So, a woman who worked as a biochemist and became a mother at age 40 has a child who is, for lack of a better phrase, mentally defective. Resisting the temptation to  go off on a tangent here, I’ll just say that there are known risks of delayed childbearing, and this is one of those risks — your mentally defective child turns out to be an evil genius….

This is 21st-century parenting: Your mentally defective child is such a weirdo you couldn’t let him attend school, but yeah, just let him have unrestricted Internet access, because what could possibly go wrong?

One Response to “Fake Hate: Guess Who Made ‘Hundreds’ of Hoax Calls Targeting U.S. Jews?”

  1. Elganned Says:

    And so, of course, anti-Semitism doesn’t exist.
    Nothing to see here…move on…

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