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Support Steve Sailer (who may or may not be a liberal comedian)

6th April 2017

Go here to check it out.

We need to encourage Steve to insult and make fun of unpopular people so he can get rich like all the other liberal comedians.

One Response to “Support Steve Sailer (who may or may not be a liberal comedian)”

  1. Elganned Says:

    As a champion of the market and the American Way, you should be happy that liberal comedians are getting rich. They’re providing an entertainment service for which people are willing to pay them.
    Unlike humorless, dour conservative types. By this supreme criterion, Sailer is a loser. And all his carping won’t change it.
    To paraphrase our Asshat In Chief: “Liberal comedians can’t be doing that badly. After all, they’re rich…and you’re not.”