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Losing Their Religion

5th April 2017

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The cultural gulf between gun owners and those who favor civilian disarmament is huge, and right now, it’s not getting any smaller. The chattering classes in the Northeast are amazed when “Duck Dynasty” or The Passion of the Christ become hits, and then they attempt to capitalize on that success with tone-deaf efforts such as the Noah movie and similar attempts to speak the language of a country they’ve never been to.

By that same token, we on the right incessantly mock the excesses of left-liberal culture. The antics of today’s social justice warriors and the ongoing confusion over self-declared genders (and even races) provide plenty of grist for right-wing humor mills.

We don’t understand their culture, and they don’t understand ours. However, just as there are distinctly religious elements to “our” culture, there are religious elements to “their” culture, and those elements are becoming more noticeable all the time.

6 Responses to “Losing Their Religion”

  1. Elganned Says:

    I guess that’s why most of the comedians I can think of are, and have ever been in my lifetime, liberal–because liberals never have any “fun”.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Listening to liberal comedians complain about the shit that happens to them, which is what most of their ‘comedy’ boils down to, I rather suspect that their definition of ‘fun’ is different from that of Real People.

  3. RealRick Says:

    Entertainment is always going to be dominated by Lefties because acting (pretending) is not the real world. The real world (i.e., facts) is generally pretty boring. Feelings are entertaining. The MSM never talks about the cost of Obamacare; people would simply tune out. Instead they speak of “fairness”, “the poor”, “the left-behind”, because feelings sell ad time.

    Lefties visualize the world as they’d like it to be. As a result, they are always frustrated and unhappy because the real world doesn’t work like that. (Sorry, no unicorns.) Entertainment lets them pretend that the world they’d like actually exists. (Remember all those unhappy Lefties that had to get meds to deal with the world outside of “Avatar”?)

    Right folks deal with the world as it actually exists. We understand that there are people who would like to kill us and, no, offering to sit down and smoke a bowl with them probably won’t make us all friends. Government programs require large sums of cash, and that means the money has to come out of my pocket because we understand that the government doesn’t “make” money. Government programs also mean more control over our lives by idiots who aren’t able to get a degree that involves passing algebra. \

  4. Elganned Says:

    Funny (as in curious) how having “fun” leads the right-leaning–as exemplified by RealRick–to immediately launch into a rant about Lefties and dreamers and loonies and people trying to kill him.
    I rest my case…

  5. Tim of Angle Says:

    Which is pretty much all you ever do; I guess you’re as ‘right-wing’ as anybody.

  6. Elganned Says:

    But I have more fun.