We have seen the future, and it sucks.

David Goodhart’s “The Road to Somewhere”

3rd April 2017

Steve Sailer reviews a book.

Goodhart renames the new tribes the “Anywheres” (roughly 20 to 25 per cent of the population) and the “Somewheres” (about half), with the rest in between. And it broadly works. Those who see the world from anywhere are, he points out, the ones who dominate our culture and society, doing well at school and moving to a residential university, and then into a professional career, often in London or abroad. “Such people have portable ‘achieved’ identities,” he says, “based on educational and career success which makes them . . . comfortable and confident with new places and people.”

Looked for the phrase “based out of” in bios. It used to be that only hitmen identified themselves as “based out of” somewhere.

One paradox is that Anywheres tend to have extremely strong prejudices against living just about anywhere, instead paying $4000 per month rent to live in San Francisco, say. Just ask an Anywhere why Queens isn’t good enough for him compared to pricier Brooklyn. He’ll tell you why. …

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