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Whoopi Wrongly Insists Fox Pushed Birtherism; the Network Actually Debunked It

29th March 2017

Read it.

The major defect of the Chattering Class of the Left that inhabits the DemLegHump Media is the rock-ribbed assumption that anyone who is unsound on one aspect of the proglodyte religion is therefore ipso facto unsound on every other aspect of the proglodyte religion.

This assumption operates so automatically that there isn’t even a shred of a pretense of checking what the actual facts of the matter might be — witness the ritual denunciations of Trump as racist and sexist and homophobic in the face of pretty clear evidence that he’s actually pretty indifferent on those issues.

And, when (as in this case) the evidence is clear, it is just ignored — ‘who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes?’

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