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Rachel Dolezal Claims She’s “A Woke Soul Sista” in New Autobiography

24th March 2017

Read it.

I am not making this up.

You probably remember Dolezal as the former white female NAACP chapter president who identifies as black.  Well, she’s back and boy, does she have some things to say.

Such an arduous task of reading horrendous garbage like In Full Color is likely illegal in most enlightened European countries. After finishing Dolezal’s 280-page “journey to self-identification,” I’ve decided to become a Marxist revolutionary so I can help spare any future generations from such unjust working conditions.

In Full Color ends with an epilogue describing how Dolezal still walks around faking it as a black woman. Her goal “is to provide comfort to those who are not struggling with their identities and assure them that they’re not alone, that they’re not freaks, and that they don’t deserve to be ridiculed or shunned by their friends, families, and communities.” On the contrary, Dolezal stretches the definition of identity beyond absurdity and merely serves as a distraction from real issues facing the black community.  The theme of her book is clearly validation, but the only thing she really needs is professional help.

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