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Large Hadron Collider Turns Up Five New Particles

21st March 2017

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Boffins poring over data from the Large Hadron Collider’s “Beauty” experiment are blinking in surprise, having turned up five new particles in one hit.

The “hiding in plain sight” articles in data from the “LHCb” are all excited states of the baryon Omega-c-zero, ?c0, and the CERN boffins saw the five new particles from its decay states (?c(3000)0, ?c(3050)0, ?c(3066)0, ?c(3090)0 and ?c(3119)0, with bracketed numbers showing mass measured in mega-electron-volts).

Ever since ?c0 was first observed in 1994, scientists have predicted states like the five now spotted by CERN, but they needed LHCb’s sensitivity to watch their brief life.

No word on when they’ll be available at the local WalMart.

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  1. RealRick Says:

    Costco has them, but you have to buy the 50 lb bulk pack.