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Thoughts From the Ammo Line: “Stop Telling Us Who We Are!”

17th March 2017

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Any time a Leftist disagrees with a policy, a person, or an idea, if he has already used up the tedious racist/sexist/whatever deal, and hasn’t started rioting yet, he has one more lame argument in his bag of tricks. He has learned from ex-President Obama, to point his nose skyward and assert, “That’s not who we are!” Please. Do us the courtesy of not telling us who we are when you don’t even know us. You know precious few Heartland Americans, as we can tell by the movies you make about us. They ring as true as Hillary’s mortifying black preacher accent when she’s “no ways tahrd.”

Barry’s other go-to threat was that we would end up on “the wrong side of history.” But History just kicked him in the nuts, as History will sometimes do, so it’s back to telling us who we are.

2 Responses to “Thoughts From the Ammo Line: “Stop Telling Us Who We Are!””

  1. Elganned Says:

    When it comes to self-righteous, mean-spirited, grasping, wilfully ignorant, asshole “deplorables”, yes…yes indeed, that is who the author of this piece are. And, evidently, proudly so.

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    It just burns your ass when people won’t let you tell them how to run their lives, doesn’t it?