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Illegals ‘Living in Fear’

11th March 2017

Kevin Williamson points out some inconvenient truth.

Sometimes, the language of the media takes an almost synchronized turn, as though someone had flipped a switch. For the past month or so, news stories about illegal immigrants have been remarkably consistent in stressing the fear they feel: “living in fear,” “fearful of ICE agents,” etc. It is easy to understand why a sympathetic reporter would want to emphasize the fear and the stress felt by these people, who are, for the most part, poor and vulnerable.

But of course people who are breaking the law are afraid of law enforcement. The fear of getting caught is an inescapable part of violating the law. It is the only reason why speed limits are even kinda-sorta obeyed. The liberal attitude here is, in essence, “Gosh, should we feel bad for making them afraid!”

Well, no.

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