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Alt-Left Insanity: Can We Have a Day Without Whiny, Male Liberals, Too?

10th March 2017

Read it.

Probably not. They’re everywhere, like foot-fungus.

In the meantime, this week was the Day Without “Some” Women. Hopefully, next we’ll get a day without liberal men, too. We saw lefties proclaim that women shouldn’t work on International Women’s Day, essentially arguing that the way for women to get ahead is for them to skip work. That’s advice given by no boss ever. But it worked for the lazy lefties of Alexandria, Va., who opted out of teaching the children and decided to make parents do the job they were paid to do.

Our friends over at Fusion even bothered to interview some of the strikers in a piece headlined oh so subtly: “Talking to 11 NYC women (and one man) on Women’s Day about striking, Trump, and why capitalism sucks.” Yes, this is the site of an actual, alleged news organization. Anyhow, the comments from strikers include: When one couple was asked “Is this your first protest?” the “reporter” got an illuminating answer: “No! We try to go to one every week. We’re retired now.”

That cuts to the heart of the alt-lefty protest movement and why media and especially Republicans on the Hill need to ignore it. It’s not a tidal wave of growing opposition, it’s a group of people who do it as a vocation or even a vacation. Here’s the rest of the actual quote: “Sunday it was Standing Rock. [To her wife] Honey, what was the other one we went to on Saturday? There was Not My President, Planned Parenthood. Oh—and every day we make calls to our representatives in Minnesota.”

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