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Khizr Khan’s Story About Restricted ‘Travel Privileges’ May Be False

8th March 2017

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Gold Star father Khizr Khan said recently that his travel to Canada had been put under government review, resulting in his cancellation of a talk he was due to give. One problem: There’s no evidence to support his claim.

Even The Washington Post investigated Khan’s assertion and found it lacking.

An official from the Customs and Border Patrol explained the agency doesn’t warn U.S. citizens about potential issues with their upcoming trips. They reiterated that any American citizen with a passport is free to travel.

Several outlets have reached out to Khan for clarification on what caused his travel restrictions. Khan responded with “thank you- no comment” to requests for comment from The Washington Post and NPR.

You mean a Democrat would lie to us? Say it ain’t so!

One Response to “Khizr Khan’s Story About Restricted ‘Travel Privileges’ May Be False”

  1. Elganned Says:

    Just found out. Khizr Khan tapped Donald Trump’s phone; that’s why he was denied entry to Canada.
    In other news, Mars has invaded Bermuda. #theRealDonaldTrump