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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

10th March 2017

Iranian Revolutionary Guards opposite Israeli troops on 1967 ceasefire line in Golan Heights as tensions mount

Gen. Piquemal: “The Ummah Finds Itself Structurally at War With Every Other Human Group”

The Coming U.S.-Turkey Collision Course over Syria

The U.S. is sending 2,500 troops to Kuwait, ready to step up the fight in Syria and Iraq

All Art Is “Immoral,” Says Egypt’s Top—and “Moderate”—Cleric  These days, that’s probably true.

Syria activists: Strikes kill at least 20 near ISIS stronghold

ISIS Magazine Tells Fighters To Stop Gossiping About Their Wives

Viktor Orbán: “Migration is the Trojan Horse of Terrorism”

Hizballah Continues Recruiting Palestinians to Kill Israelis

Israel bill to limit Muslim call to prayer passes parliamentary first reading

Kurdish Factions Turn Guns on Each Other in Yazidi Homeland

ISIS Leader Baghdadi Flees Mosul, Leaves Men To Die In His Place

Islamic State attacks military hospital in Afghan capital

Isis gunmen ‘disguised as doctors’ attack military hospital close to US embassy in Kabul

The Muslim Brotherhood, Fountain of Islamist Violence

Malaysia foils ‘Yemeni attack’ on Saudi Arabia’s King Salman

Hungary Moves To Detain All Asylum-Seekers In Containers

Hizballah’s Ongoing Threat to U.S. National Security

Vanguard of the Imam: Religion, Politics, and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards

Iraqi forces storm Mosul government complex, hoist flag

ISIS Builds Elite Training Facility In Train Tunnel To Avoid Airstrikes

Hungarian parliament approves law allowing all asylum seekers to be detained

Saudi Arabia denies claims two Pakistani transgender activists tortured to death in police custody

Turkey considers relaxing rules on hair in armed forces, sparking concerns over creeping Islamisation of military

Battle for Manbij shows Syria’s civil war is almost over – and it looks like Bashar Assad has won

Former Gitmo Detainee Obliterated In US Airstrike

The FBI Is Investigating Approximately 300 Refugees For Terrorism

ISIS Proves Far Deadlier Than Expected In US Fight For Mosul

Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Turkish President threatens to ‘stir up the world’ if banned from giving speeches in Germany

America Can’t Turn a Blind Eye to Somalia’s Counterterror Needs

How Terrorism Could Derail China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’

U.S. Nears 1000 Syrian Refugees Admitted Since Trump Took Office

Report Claims Muslim Brotherhood Is Creating ‘Parallel Society’ In Sweden

President Erdogan accuses Germany of reverting to ‘Nazi practices’ amid row over blocking Turkish rallies

German School Bans Muslims From Praying In ‘Provocative’ Way

Wave of ISIS car bombs targets Iraqi troops in west Mosul

Bahrain parliament approves military trials for civilians

Eastern Libya forces strike from air, aim to retake oil site

Convicted terrorist who attempted to leave UK to join jihadists blames Brexit

Anti-Islamic Bomb Hoax Apparently Not A White Supremacist Plot

Thousands flee Iraq’s Mosul overnight, as fighting rages on

Haqqani commander from Bergdahl saga killed in drone strike, says Taliban

Isis defeat in northern Syria opens deadly new phase in civil war as rebel groups turn on each other

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  1. Elganned Says:

    So where’s this ‘double secret probation’ plan Trump has to defeat ISIS? Can’t wait to see THAT one…

  2. Tim of Angle Says:

    Social Justice Warriors: Believing six impossible things before breakfast since, oh, about high school….