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Thoughts From the Ammo Line: Crazy Christians

3rd March 2017

Read it.

Turn on a television crime drama. Here is a scenario that occurs with nauseating regularity: The investigators go to the house of a person of interest in the murder of a young girl. The timid woman who answers the door is wearing a cross. Uh-oh. That’s called a “clue.” I always turn to Mr. AG and say, “Crazy Christian Alert! Her husband did it. The girl was a foster child, molested by the Christian man and then killed to cover up the crime. The wife is cowed because she is also a battered wife.” I always hope I am wrong; but I never am. In Hollywood, nobody ”good” wears a cross. Out of ideas for decades, Hollywood needs villains and really has only three permitted categories.

You can’t suggest that black gangstas commit horrific, pointless, drug-related crime every day that ends in “y.” Racist! You can’t suggest that Muslims kill their daughters in honor killings. Islamophobic! And, you can’t sell a script in which an illegal immigrant from El Savador is just a vicious, drug-dealing gang member with three teardrop murder tattoos whose “Dreamer” status comes from sniffing glue. Those are “No-Go” Zones in Hollywood.

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