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Tundra-Trudging Refugees: Pushed or Pulled?

2nd March 2017

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A few days after President Trump issued his infamous “travel ban” executive order, stories began appearing in the media about illegal aliens in the USA who were braving arctic conditions to walk across the border from the USA into Canada. The reports implied (or even stated) that the puir, puir “refugees” were fleeing the country before the Xenophobe-in-Chief could deport them back to wherever they came from.

But were the border-crossers really running away from the Evil Trump? Or were they running towards the welcoming arms of Prime Minister Justin “Baby Doc” Trudeau? After all, Canada offers newly-arrived culture-enrichers far more generous welfare benefits than they could get in the USA, even when the country was governed by the Islamophilic Barack Hussein Obama.

Who cares? As long as they’re gone.

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