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Nothing to See Here, Folks

28th February 2017

Scott Adams is still being censored by Twitter.

I recently tweeted a link to my blog post that is unflattering to the proponents of climate science. I have 138,000 Twitter followers. My traffic from Twitter to my blog in a recent minute was only 14 people, while overall traffic from other sources was its usual robust self. For non-controversial topics, my Twitter-driven traffic for a tweet to my blog would be 200-300 per minute in the half-hour after a tweet. On this topic, it hovered between 10-14.

As many others have documented, Twitter throttles back the tweets of people who hold political views they don’t like.

Most of you have freedom of speech. I have it too, in a Constitutional sense. But in terms of social media – the dominant form of political communication in our culture – I have about 5-10% as much freedom of speech as other people.

In my case, that’s all I need.

It just takes longer.

And I do like a challenge.

I suspect that it would be a Very Bad Idea for Twitter to get in a pissing contest with Scott Adams. Just sayin’.

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