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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

3rd March 2017

Two transgender Pakistanis ‘tortured to death’ in Saudi Arabia

Syrian army retakes town of Palmyra as ISIS defenses crumble

Pakistan unveils reforms for tribal areas as U.S. drone strike kills 2

Jailed ISIS fighters await death, boast of killing hundreds

The Islam Catastrophe Continues

Fatal Yemen Raid Yielded Intel On ‘Hundreds’ Of Al-Qaida Operatives

Eight Iraqi Refugees Convicted Of Gang-Raping German Tourist

US Follows Up Yemen Raid With More Than 20 Air Strikes In One Day

Terrorists Fired Into Crowd Of Women And Children During Fatal Yemen Raid

Germany Arrests Syrian Migrant Suspected Of Executing 36 People

Isis being driven out of ancient Syrian city of Palmyra for second time

Germany arrests former Jabhat al-Nusra extremist accused of massacring 36 civilians in Syria

Acid-throwing cyclists target women in Berlin

British medical students who joined Isis ‘killed in Iraq’

Former Isis sex slave vows to achieve dream and become lawyer after surviving regular rape and abuse

Teenage girl ‘raped repeatedly by relative’ after refusing marriage proposal

Isis rigs mass grave with landmines to kill journalists and war crime investigators

Taliban suicide attacks, shootout kill 16 in Afghan capital

Iraqi forces are within firing range of ISIS-held government buildings in Mosul

12 Afghan police officers killed in possible insider attack in Lashkar Gah

Canadian Imams Call for Death of Jews  My, what a surprise.

Iraqi army nears Mosul’s main government buildings as battle to oust Isis proceeds quicker than expected

Another Day, Another Culture-Enriching Rape

The ISIS Fight Is A Grueling Street-By-Street Battle

Activists: Syrian pro-government forces near ISIS-held Palmyra

Erdogan’s Turkey: Towards a New Sultanate?

Germany Launches 24 Raids, Shuts Down ISIS-Linked Mosque In BERLIN

Australian electrician arrested for ‘developing Isis long-range missiles and laser defences’

Afghan official: Cop turns gun on colleagues, kills 11

Iraqi forces battling Islamic State reach Mosul bridge

Director From Country That Executes Gays Lectures America On Muslim Immigration

ISIS-Linked Terrorists Decapitate Elderly German Man Captured At Sea

Jurgen Kantner: Isis-linked Philippine militants behead German hostage

Egyptian Christians flee Sinai following chilling Islamic State threat

Al-Qaida’s Number Two Gets Droned While Taking A Drive

Iran begins navy drill off Strait of Hormuz as U.S. newly wary

Deadly insurgent attack in Homs weighs on U.N.-led Syria talks

Iraq: Police Commandos recapture new neighborhood in Mosul

Pentagon seeks to expand fight against extremists in Somalia

ISIS To Egyptian Christians: ‘Nobody Is Safe’

London teenagers appear in court on terror charges after ‘planning to join Isis in Syria’

Syrian civil war: More than 40 people killed in triple suicide attack targeting government forces in Homs

Al-Bab car bombing: Isis kills more than 60 people as civilians gather to return home in retaken Syrian city

An Islamist Bounty on My Head

Sudanese Cab Driver In Virginia Goes To Prison For Trying To Help ISIS

US Troops Now Standing Toe-To-Toe With ISIS

This Monk Is Saving Ancient Books From Destruction By ISIS

Sandra Solomon: The Canadian Imams Who Would Have Me Killed

Pentagon Considering ‘Boots on the Ground’ to Fight ISIS in Syria

How Pakistani Law Enshrines Extremism and Weakens Counter-Terror Efforts

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