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Virginia’s 2017 Governor’s Race Will Make Trump-Clinton Look Dull

20th February 2017

Barton Hinkle has a way with words.

We’ll be able to thank both Republicans and Democrats for that, but at the moment the GOP has the first claim on the public’s gratitude. This is owing in no small measure to Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William Board of Supervisors and immigrant-basher extraordinaire. Stewart is the kind of guy who responds to Donald Trump’s most outlandish behavior with: “Not bad. Now hold my beer and watch this.”

Across the aisle the Democrats are having a whale of a good time, too. Just as in last year’s presidential election, they expected their heir apparent to the nomination—in this case, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam—to cruise to the coronation by unanimous consent. Then Tom Perriello threw a wrench into the works. Or upset the apple cart, or whatever it is people do these days. (Note to self: Find Hipster, request advice regarding correct idiom.)

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