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‘PESD’ Is PTSD for Dems Who Can’t Stop Crying Over the Election

20th February 2017

Read it.

Democrats continue to experience a near-crippling depression since President Donald Trump took office, forcing mental health professionals to name the problem post-election stress disorder, according to a Monday report from CNN.

No doubt there will soon be government programs to help such people.

The news coming from the White House on a daily basis is so disconcerting to those who oppose Trump that they are experiencing classical signs of depression, and moving off of Facebook and other social media sites.

That’s a feature, not a bug.

A New York City-based online therapist location service reported that traffic tripled in the days since the election, and demand continues to grow, fueled largely by gay, lesbian and minority clients.

“In my 28 years in practice, I’ve never seen anything like this level of stress,” said Nancy Molitor, a psychologist in the Chicago suburbs reported. “What we’re seeing now after the inauguration is a huge uptick in anxiety.”

Disconnection from reality will do that, when reality comes crashing down on you.

Liberals are so depressed and angry over Trump’s election, that they are taking it out on family and friends that supported the president during the election.

I hate to mention it, but they always did — it’s just that they’re losing this time.

When even the grief counselors need grief counselors, what’s a (helicopter) mother to do?

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