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Head of Journalism Organization Compares Trump to Chavez

18th February 2017

Read it.

The executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalism compared President Donald Trump to the late Venezuelan leftist dictator Hugo Chavez in a column Friday.

Guess they realize that calling him the New Hitler is getting lame.

“What does Trump have in common with Hugo Chavez? A media strategy,” Joel Simon wrote in a column for the Columbia Journalism Review.

Also in common with Kim Kardashian, Mark Zuckerberg, Barbra Streisand, and everybody elected to public office. Boy, that Chavez guy really gets around. But Joel Simon doesn’t have ‘a media strategy, oh no. Trump also puts his pants on one leg at a time, another similarity to Chavez! It’s uncanny!

Simon wrote, “Trump’s unrelenting attacks on the media and attempts to undermine its credibility and paint it as an opposition force are straight out the Latin American populists’ playbook.”

A playbook he stole from previous socialists everywhere. Let’s get our attributions right, now.

While these Latin American populist leaders are “leftist-oriented there are remarkable similarities between the two in the rhetoric they employ to mobilize supporters,” the executive director of the Committee to Protect Journalism wrote.

Perhaps because that’s because of unrelenting attacks beforehand by the media.

“In Latin America, this process was aided by the fact that the traditional media has been allied with oligarchic interests,” Simon added.

Of course, that wouldn’t apply to the New York Times, owned by the Sulzbergers, or the Washington Post, owned by Jeff Bezos. No sir, no oligarchic interests around here.

He added that, “Trump’s intent is clear. Through his relentless attacks, he seeks to create an environment in which critical media is marginalized and the truth is unknowable.”

Sounds like the DemLegHump Media coverage of Hillary. But Hillary can’t be like Chavez, that would be sexist.

The executive director of the journalism organization said that American journalists should not “take the bait” and act like the “opposition.”

Too late.

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