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Hundreds of Activists Download and Archive Climate Data to Protect It from Donald Trump

15th February 2017

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Apparently Donald Trump is not only the New Hitler but the New Bogeyman as well. Perhaps he ought to change his name to The Dread Pirate Roberts.

Some 200 people willingly sequestered themselves inside on a beautiful, sunny day in order to save reams of government climate data before it could be deleted by the Trump administration.

Of course, there is no indication that ‘the Trump administration’ gives a shit about their ‘data’, most of which has been ‘massaged’ to fit their climate change models.

Activists fear the new President’s team may remove archives of valuable scientific information following his campaign declaration that “no one really knows” whether climate change is real, and his nomination for head of the Environmental Protection Agency of a man who describes himself as a “leading advocate” against the body.

In other words. they’re afraid that he will act as they would were they in his position. This tells us more about them than about Trump.

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