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Illegal Refugees Now Streaming Across Quebec-New York Border

14th February 2017

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The Canadian Border Security Agency says Quebec is now the flashpoint for “asylum seekers” or double refugees who first entered the U.S. as refugees and are now fleeing there and trying to sneak into Canada over fears that President Donald Trump will have them deported.

Well, Trudeau said they’re welcome. Not a problem, right?

The “refugees” are deliberately crossing illegally so they can bypass the Safe Third Country Agreement, which is supposed to prevent people seeking asylum from choosing more than one “safe” destination when the flee their country of origin. The U.S. and Canada are both considered safe under this international legislation. But, paradoxically, the act only applies at legal border crossings; so double refugees are crossing illegally in order avoid their official refugee status from being questioned.

Lawbreakers break the law. It’s what they do. Canada is welcome to all the U.S. lawbreakers they can stand.


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