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The War With and Within Islam

1st February 2017

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I keep hearing the press refer to the countries that are subject to the lull in immigration as “predominately Muslim” or “majority Muslim.” They are much more than that. With the exception of Iran, they are each in the midst of unrest that can only be characterized as civil war – Iraq, Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. And these are not just “majority Muslim” countries. To the extent that one can describe the form of government employed by whatever current regime claims authority in these countries, including Iran, they are not monarchies, republics or democracies. They aren’t even true thugocracies. They are totalitarian theocracies ruled by fiat and a few self-appointed clerics. Sharia law, the religious law of Islam, is the official law of these lands. It is informed, even instigated by Ayatollahs and Imams, Mullahs and Muftis and it is enforced by Islam, by tradition; that is by the mob.

The civil unrest and war results directly from Islam; that is the various and different local interpretations of Islam, the Shia Ja’fari and within the Sunni, the Wahhabi, Salafi, Hanafi and Maliki, all purporting to be the true Islam. Clannish tribal traditions further complicate the various rivalries. Brutal readings of the Koran and sacred texts leave little to no room to tolerate alternative interpretation. There is but one penalty for apostasy or refusal to submit to the interpretations of the subject sect: death. There is a reason why Islam has such a bloody and brutal history.

Our only consolation is the fact that, as much as these clerics hate the America (and Israel) they cannot help but turn on rival Islamic factions first. The Islamic tradition of fratricide and patricide has continued for 10 centuries; this is how it has always been for centuries and centuries, except that now, with money oozing from the very ground beneath their feet, they have the resources to acquire the weapons of war necessary to effectively impose their particular will.

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