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Churches Ransacked in Brannau on New Year’s Eve

20th January 2017

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When Islam overruns and conquers a formerly non-Muslim polity, one of the first tasks it sets itself is to erase all evidence of the jahiliyyah, the “time of ignorance” that preceded that region’s submission to Allah. Anything that contains references to pagan idols or to deities other than Allah must be destroyed. Musical instruments, works of art and literature, statues and tapestries — all are considered idolatry, and must be consigned to the pure consuming fire of Islamic righteousness.

From an Islamic point of view, the churches of Europe are evidence of shirk, or polytheism, and thus part of the jahiliyyah. When the Islamic State completes its conquest of Europe, all the crosses, icons, paintings, hymnals, organs, stained glass windows, and statuary in the churches will be destroyed. Some churches will simply be torched; others will be cleansed of their idolatry and converted to mosques.

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