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Vague Feelings of Discomfort

31st October 2008

Scott Adams lives on the Left Coast.

We don’t see many McCain supporters in my neighborhood, so I always take time to hear their views.

Perhaps he needs to get out more.

Admittedly my sample is not large, but of the dozen or so McCain supporters I have spoken with, there is a common thread: Obama gives them a vague feeling of discomfort that they can’t quite identify.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of someone else’s hand in one’s back pocket grasping one’s wallet. Perhaps it’s the prospect of Doogie Howser being in charge of the country. Perhaps it’s the prospect of the shadow of a convicted terrorist, like Emperor Palpatine, looming over the Oval Office. Perhaps it’s the memory of seeing all those senior German Army officers sitting in the front row of the Nazi Party rally in TRIUMPH OF THE WILL wearing the same expression that I’m sure Barack Obama wore for twenty years at Jeremiah Wright’s church.

The risk, as I understand it, is that once in office Obama would start sporting a turban and begin each speech with WAHLALALALALALAL!!!! He would appoint Supreme Court justices who favor a redistribution of wealth to unborn gay babies, and he’d legalize crack. It would all be part of his master plan to destroy America. I might have the details wrong, but it goes something like that.

Scott is obviously an engaged and committed citizen, whose views on political subjects are worthy of serious consideration. Take whatever action you think is appropriate.

It’s hard to argue against someone’s vague feeling of discomfort. After all, studies have shown that people are actually quite good at determining character and intelligence from nothing more than photographs. I just found it interesting that the people I spoke with described a vague feeling of discomfort in forming their preference. That is not something I ever heard in other elections.

Perhaps because in other elections the candidate in question actually had a record to run on, and a background that gave some indication of what he believed in or what his plans were.

I must confess to having the exact same feeling of vague discomfort when faced with the prospect of eating tofu. Perhaps there’s a parellel there.

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