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Hardee’s Has a Devastating Response to Obama’s Minimum Wage Hike

2nd January 2016

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For more than a year, supporters of the “Fight for $15” campaign have sought to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers to $15 an hour, arguing that anything less would prevent them from being able to “pay [their] rent and support [their] families.”

As workers strike across the nation, some cities — like Los Angeles — have voted to increase wages over the next several years, while Democratic presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have also made strides to do the same.

With these new requirements beginning to take effect, some fast food establishments have been forced to explore new measures in order to keep costs down, like these new additions to Hardee’s.

[Self-Serve Kiosk]

The new kiosks, which are automated and “self-order,” have reportedly already been installed in dozens of locations.

Thereby reducing the number of employees. Gee, you’d think that somebody would have predicted that … oh, wait….

It seems these new automated kiosks may be examples of what restaurants, unable to keep up with rising minimum wage costs, will be forced to resort to rather than hiring flesh-and-blood employees.

A bare-faced example of ignorant vote-pandering government policy that significantly harms the people it’s allegedly supposed to help.

If minimum-wage workers knew anything about economics, then they wouldn’t be minimum-wage workers. So looking to them for effective economic policy is Obviously Stupid. But that’s the way government is run these days.

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