We have seen the future, and it sucks.

One third of graduates do not benefit from having a degree, report says

31st August 2008

Read it.

Of course not. “When everybody’s somebody/Then no one’s anybody.”

Most of the jobs that “require” a college degree these days actually don’t, in any practical sense; I’ve got three degrees, which makes me a more interesting person, I’m sure, but not one of which involves anything that I use in my daily work.

Considering the state of the educational system these days, I suspect that employers these days require a college degree to make sure that applicants have at least what used to count as a high-school education. Go take a look at what they used to teach in high school during the ’30s and ’40s — and, and if you want a real scare, look that the tests they gave eight-graders back a hundred years ago.

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