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So Arab Countries Can Clean Up Their Own Messes Without (Crazy) Uncle Sugar!

30th March 2015

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Who knew?

It looks like there are two ways to get countries to reduce their dependence on the American military umbrella. One way is the calculated, tough-love approach: point out that to other governments that they’re capable of fighting their own fights, set a timetable for them to assume responsibilty for defense matters, and stick to it. The other approach is to act so nuts and untrustworthy that allies sense an implosion of crazy and reluctantly take on new responsibilities. This second technique seems to be working miracles in the Middle East as some sort of unified Arab self-help emerges from an anguished watching of whatever the hell it is the United States is up to.

Let’s try NATO next. Imagine how much economic trouble Europe would be in if they had to pay for their own national defense against Putin.

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