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Tech Titans Blast New Anti-Gay Law In Indiana

30th March 2015

Read it.

A good example of how far The Narrative has penetrated even sites nominally devoted to tech subjects, such as TechCrunch; needless to say, there isn’t a shred of tech angle to it.

Notice the Crustian bases touched in the first three paragraphs, just to make sure you know who’s on the side of the righteous:

It’s hard to believe, after how far the gay rights movement has come, that we’re still doing this. But here we are.

Translation: Let’s all stamp our feet and make the bitter beer face because there are still people who don’t embrace our political agenda.

Republican Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has signed into law a bill that allows private businesses to discriminate against gay and lesbian consumers, according to CNN. The “Restoration of Religious Freedom Act” is meant to allow businesses and corporations to cite “religious beliefs” as a defense, should they be sued by a private party for discrimination.

CNN, of course, is an utterly unimpeachable authority as to What Things Mean and Why They Happened. OF COURSE the law was deliberately crafted to discriminate against one of our politically fashionable groups; what other possible motivation could there be?

This of course means that Gov. Pence and the state of Indiana are prioritizing the religious beliefs of a company or corporation (after all, corporations are people!) over the basic human rights of a gay person.

So getting a cake made for your ‘wedding’ and having it held wherever you want to is a ‘basic human right’, but freedom of religion is not. Glad that we cleared that up. The U.S. Constitution? A scrap of paper — feel free to ignore it.

Fortunately, this gives me a perfect excuse to drop TechCrunch from my RSS feed, which has too many tech sites on it as it is. Thanks, guys.

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