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NYT: Silicon Valley Should Imitate Detroit

29th March 2015

Steve Sailer ponders the Narrative.

For years, I had been pointing out that two world-beating sectors of the American economy, Silicon Valley and Hollywood, paid relatively little attention to the panoply of anti-discrimination regulations that weigh down the performance of America’s less globally competitive sectors, such as Detroit.

Recently, however, the Eye of Sauron has finally turned in the direction of Silicon Valley, with glances at Hollywood, too. In the New York Times, reporter / feminist crusader Claire Cain Miller explains that what Silicon Valley needs to cure it of its disease of entrepreneurial men innovating rapidly is lots of stifling bureaucracy. Silicon Valley needs to become more like Detroit.

Claire Cain Miller was the Voice of the Crust who led the charge in support of gold-digger Ellen Pao. Her message is quite clear: We lost this one, but we never forgive and we never forget — get with the program or you’ll wind up crushed.

Oh, and there’s a reason Apple and Microsoft spend millions in Washington freshening the trough, so you’d better start shelling out; nice tech industry you got there, be a shame if anything happened to it….

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