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ISLAMOCOPIA FRIDAY: What’s New in the Religion of Peace

27th March 2015

Medical officials say at least 46 killed, 100 injured in suicide attacks on 2 Yemeni mosques

Palestinians Glorify Terrorist Responsible for 37 Israeli Deaths

Is the tide turning against Boko Haram?

US removes remaining personnel from Yemen

Syrian military helicopter crashes, insurgents capture crew, activists say

Afghan protesters demand justice for woman killed by mob over false Koran-burning accusations

Protests erupt after Shiite rebels seize Yemen’s third largest city

US trains Iraqi forces as battle for Tikrit continues

Tunisian president says hunt on for third man in museum attack

U.S. pulls out of Yemen as country sinks into anarchy

From Minneapolis to ISIS: An American’s Path to Jihad

Gunmen kill at least 13 in Afghanistan highway attack

‘Kill the Jews!’: New fears stoked as drunken mob attacks London synagogue

Tsarnaev note in boat used jihadi themes, terrorism expert says

Saudi Arabia invites Iraq’s Abadi to visit in big sign of thaw

CIA Director John Brennan: ISIS Momentum in Iraq and Syria ‘Blunted’

Jihadis Seek to Cleanse Pakistan of Christians

Saudi Troops Amass Along Yemeni Border

Challenging Islam’s License to Kill

Inside the Ring: Islamic State likely to attack Italy with stolen Libyan airliners

Saudi-led forces strike rebel bases in Yemen as Iran warns of ‘dangerous step’

Obama authorizes some support for Saudi airstrikes in Yemen

US conducting airstrikes to help Iraqi forces retake Tikrit

Official: At least 3 members of ‘Taliban 5’ tried to reconnect with terror networks

President of Yemen flees by sea; Saudis begin airstrikes

Hundreds kidnapped in Nigeria: Terror group Boko Haram hold children and teachers hostage

National Guardsman, Cousin Charged With Conspiracy to Support Islamic State

Tunisia: 23 arrested in connection with deadly museum attack

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