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A New Project Stashes Carbon Dioxide in the Form of Minerals.

27th July 2014

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 How can we get rid of excess CO2? Geologist Juerg Matter of the University of Southampton, U.K. is a principal investigator of the Iceland-based project CarbFix, whose recent results show it has safely stored nearly 170 tons of carbon dioxide underground by reaction with minerals—stashing it in rock so it can’t leak out again. The next step is to go big.

One Response to “A New Project Stashes Carbon Dioxide in the Form of Minerals.”

  1. RealRick Says:

    Load of useless crap.

    burn 15 tons of coal and you get 44 tons of carbon dioxide.

    US coal production is about 1,011,000,000 tons per year, meaning that you’d have to get rid of about 3 billion tons of CO2 per year. Add the weight of the minerals to that, then figure out how much energy it would take to move that amount of mass.

    There’s stupid, and then there’s enormously stupid.

    Particularly because the alternative is to let the plant life on the planet recycle the CO2 without us doing anything. (And they’re solar powered without government subsidy!)