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Faith Hurting

10th June 2014

Sarah Hoyt has some thoughts.

The world has always been too hard for some percentage of humans. The mind has always been unable to face reality naked. What I mean is, for those of us who believe in something more, it’s easy to say “He won’t give me more than I can handle,” but what about the others? What about those who’ve convinced themselves that there’s nothing but humans, nothing but the naked human mind and the uncaring universe. I don’t mean the ones who have some measure of doubt. All of us, even the most faith-filled have some measure of doubt, and the measure changes through the days and years – I mean the ones who were brought up to believe that anything religious is crazy talk. The ones who try to be “sane” in a peculiar way no human has ever quite managed.

Our ancestors held on to crazy beliefs because it made it easier to live in a world where most of what they thought they knew was wrong and more often than not bit them in the ass.

Our “liberal” friends are in the same pickle. And no, I don’t know how to fix it, because no, rubbing their nose in reality doesn’t help. If the reality of the mess the USSR really was didn’t fix them, if they can believe Che “I club children to death with my rifle” Guevara was a sort of sensitive idealist, if they can believe this lousy economy is “recovering”, if they can believe, against all history, that bowing and scraping to tyrants like Putin will bring peace…. We can’t reach them. What can we use that will get through?

One Response to “Faith Hurting”

  1. Whitehawk Says:

    She is getting to the root here. The ideology of Liberalism/Progressivism is driven by a detesting of any belief in or reliance on the idea of God. It’s the core principle second only to “we” can make everything better. Richard Pipes does an excellent job of chronicling the political, social/cultural and ideological forces that drove Russia to the catastrophe we know as the Bolshevik Revolution and insanity that followed in his book “The Russia Revolution”. These were the two core principles of the Socialist Democrats (SD’s) and the Socialist Revolutionaries (SR’s) that drove Russia over the brink into darkness for decades.

    I don’t mean to sound alarmist but I really do, it’s time to sound the alarm. The personalities in at the wheel today are walking in the footsteps of the SD’s and SR’s. The SD’s and SR’s used the ideals of freedom of speech and fairness to get into office then abandoned them like a used rag. That they had fooled the suckers who gave them power only served to assure them they deserved the power.

    The American System was built on the assumption of God by people who risked everything so they could live out their faith. It will not work without that presumption. “We hold these truths to be self evident…” Without absolute truths and a faith in a God who intervenes in the affairs of men, freedom cannot work. Without God as a mediator, men tear themselves apart. History confirms this… China, Russia, Nazi Germany, Pol Pot’s Cambodia, North Korea…

    How can we teach them? I’m not sure that’s possible. We have to defeat them. Every generation is faced with the challenge of defending freedom, preserving good. If we ourselves are cannot define good or evil then we will get what we deserve, a life lesson in evil. The hallmark of evil is destruction.

    I really don’t see this ending well. If BO does not leave office at his appointed time… well God help us and I have very confidence that He will.